Who We Are

XT Yoga Austin is a training company founded by Joanna Williamson in 2007 to promote Yoga for Athletes at Austin, TX triathlon events. Coach Williamson is a clinical and performance Exercise Physiologist and Strength and Conditioning coach by training and an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, certified and experienced at the highest levels in the fitness, clinical and human performance fields.

In 2011, XT Yoga Austin expanded to include Colorado Springs and the US Air Force Academy. Ms. Williamson has tested and trained athletes at the US Air Force Academy Human Performance Lab, and taught yoga and conditioning in various locations in Colorado, Texas and Illinois. She designs training programs for endurance athletes (triathlon, marathon, and 1/2 marathon), everyday athletes (clinical to recreational to collegiate), strength and conditioning programs, and military programs (TSAC, FORCE).

What We Do

Physical training that goes beyond a simple training plan. You receive a consultation, personalized training plan and phone and email followup. You and Coach Williamson design a program that best fits your needs, strengthens weaknesses and helps you to acheive your performance, fitness or health goals.

Latest News

May 2015 Summer Triathlon Training is beginning! Email joanna@xtyogaaustin for information on an individualized training plan for you.

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